Roof cleaning and treatment Telford, Shropshire and the West Midlands

Regular roof clearing, cleaning and treatment is a very effective and necessary method of cleaning for apartment blocks, houses, bungalows and large buildings in eliminating the cyanobacteria, algae, moss and mould spores preventing serious damage to the tiles surface.

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Roof Cleaning Telford

In most cases there is no need to have your roof replaced. All that is required is to hire a local roof cleaning company to give it a professional clean. The results we achieve for our customers are exceptional and we regularly restore roofs back to extremely close to their original condition.

There are many reasons to have your roof cleaned by Spitfire Softwash Telford and we believe the following are the most important:

Protection From damage

The longer moss and algae is continued to allow to grow on the tiles of your roof the more damage it will cause in the long run and the moss and algae will continue to breed and grow. The moss and algae will begin to eat away at the tile surface which may allow water ingress from the one area you expect to protect your home from the bad weather. Internal damage is caused when your tiles get neglected from cracks that can be caused by excessive weight from the moss on the roof. Excess moss can also start to push your roof tiles apart. The tiles are then unable to do the job they are supposed to and start to allow water and moisture into your home which leads to mould growth.

A Clean Roof Looks Good

A dirty roof is as an ugly roof, a clean roof drastically improves the look of your property from the outside giving it that instant kerb appeal. A clean roof can have positive effects on its valuation and make it more appealing to potential buyers or renters. When you go to the effort of maintaining your driveway, front garden or back garden why not treat your roof to some tender loving care, your roof is afterall what protects you from the elements and you want it to last as long as possible.

Roof Replacement Is Costly

Roof clearing, cleaning and treatment is a lot less expensive than a partial or full roof replacement should moss or algae growth cause damage to your roof tiles and roof structure. The longer you ignore the moss and algae growth the more damage it will cause. We can also apply a treatment to new build properties or replacement roofs to slow down the moss growth.

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We are able to carry out roof clearing with a variety of methods from a basic tile scrape using specialised equipment specifically manufactured for your roof tile shape, roof cleaning using steam which uses low pressure steam so as not to damage the tile surface but allows us to remove moss and algae using high heat steam and instantly revives the colour of your roof, biocide treatments which we can apply to new roofs or after a roof clear or clean to protect your roof for longer from moss and algae regrowth.

Spitfire Softwash can safely clean your property from the safety of the ground or using scaffolding or lift access equipment where required.

Spitfire Softwash are a professional and established company operating in Telford and surrounding areas meaning you are hiring a professional H&S compliant company to operate smoothly on your property.

That alone is worth more than you choosing a guy working unsafely and possibly holding you yourself liable on your property because of the H&S breaches they may be undertaking.

roof cleaning telford

What happens when we quote?

Spitfire Softwash always prefer to come out to your property to check your roof.

We do this so that:

– We can ensure that the surface is in suitable condition for cleaning as no two roofs are alike

– So that we can survey the area to be cleaned for access

– So that we can meet you the customer and discuss your expectations and requirements.

– So that we can discuss what to expect from the clean.

– We also offer annual maintenance packages to ensure that your property continues to look good.

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“There is a time and a place for moss, but we strongly advise that it should not be allowed to build up on your roof.”

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Customer Testimonials

We pride ourselves on our quality of workmanship and customer satisfaction on every job carried out. Please see below a few examples of our customers kind words regarding our services.

Kimi Dicken

Excellent service, friendly, reliable and just all around amazing… no wonder they win awards year after year. So much better then any other company I’ve had before.

Amy Breakwell

We can not recommend these guys enough they did a fantastic job on our roof clean, Gutters, decking & also windows always on time & very friendly….We wouldn’t have anyone else, Also great priced 👌  If I could give them more stars I would. xxx

Gary Owen

Excellent service with a professional and friendly team. Always willing to go the extra mile. Would recommend to anyone looking for a professional roof cleaning company in Telford.

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